• Large ARRL Field Appointment Badge

The Ham Badgers are fully authorized to make official ARRL badges. To learn more about the Official ARRL Badge Program or to download their authorization form, please visit the ARRL Badge Program site. You may also use our version of the form which allows you to easily fill it out on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. That can be found here.

ARRL Appointment badge designs, color combinations, font type, font size, and word placements are all set by the ARRL. Our badge is the official version authorized by the ARRL. Don't be fooled by imitations and badges made by companies who haven't been vetted by the ARRL Field Office. We see a lot of alternate variations made by authorized AND unauthorized badge makers. Please know that we are obligated to follow the ARRL's design direction and not that of other companies making their own version of the ARRL badge.

ARRL appointment verification is needed to purchase this badge. ARRL appointment badges require signed forms as indicated on the Official ARRL Badge Program web site. You should have received a digital copy of the order form. A copy of the form and instructions can be downloaded here. Please be sure to order the badge online, as mailed in badge forms may not be accepted.

If you are looking for the official Lifetime Member or Volunteer Examiner versions of these badges, please find our separate listing for those badges. They are not included here, as some of the section and role information does not apply to those badges.

Please note that these badges require a little more time than standard badges, due to the multiple color applications needed. These badges can sometimes take us a week to complete. Please be patient with us while we make your customized and official ARRL badge!

Additionally, the ARRL maintains control of the design of this badge, and specifies the font type, size, design, and placement. We are unable to change the design of this badge beyond type sizing caused by name and title lengths.

Please do not send us payment in the mail, as we are not equipped to accept checks. Due to the numerous badge faster options and shipping methods available, we cannot accept mail orders.

Legal and technical stuff:

Detailed information and policies pertaining to ARRL badges can be FOUND HERE.

This ARRL badge is not available in optional colors, as per the ARRL Badge Program. The color of your badge will be dictated by your position or role within the organization.

The ARRL logo Copyright © 2018-2023 American Radio Relay League.

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Large ARRL Field Appointment Badge

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