About Us

Who are The Ham Badgers?

Richard Futrell and Eric Palmatier have been friends and business partners for about 25 years. The two got their start with dial-up bulletin board services (BBS) in the Raleigh, NC area in the 80s and 90s. They joined forces to operate their own computer sales and service company for many years. Somehow, they both got interested in amateur radio at the same time, and were licensed in 1995.  Over the years, businesses changed and distances grew, but they always maintained their friendship. Of course, it probably helped that Richard married into the family, too.

Looking for their next joint venture together, they wanted to do something with ham radio. It occurred to them that there isn't a really good, fast source of personalized name badges for ham radio operators unless they were standing at a ham fest. They also put a few brain cells together to find other stuff to sell, and The Ham Badgers was born.

Why "The Ham Badgers?" Well, it just sounded good. Oh, and it describes the major part of the business, too.

We hope to hear you on the air sometime. Check out the Contact Us page to find ways to connect with us online, in person, over the air, and via brain wave transmission. We can't verify that the last method works, so be weary.

73 from The Ham Badgers

Richard N4AED and Eric N4EZX