• Medium Amateur Radio Operator Badge

Nothing beats a great name badge, and in ham radio, having a great name badge is critical. Whether you've been rag chewing for a quarter century, or just barely hit the airwaves, people know you by your voice and your call sign long before they know what you look like. Having a quality name badge lets you broadcast who you are to those who haven't been blessed with your handsome looks or your beautiful visage.

The AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR badge lets you walk out among the uninitiated masses while helping to explain why you're walking around with half a dozen radios you don't really need. If you volunteer your time at the local race, man the emergency station during a bad storm, or just get caught walking around the parking lot while you figure out how to explain the boat anchor you just bought to the spouse, this badge will help identify your affiliation with ham radio with the words "AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR" under your name and call sign.  Really, it will explain everything and nothing all at once, but at least you'll have a spiffy badge on that you can point to when someone gives you that weird look.

In all seriousness, our AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR badge helps others identify your purpose, your passion, and the plethora of gear on your belt.

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Medium Amateur Radio Operator Badge

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