The Ham Badge Buddy is a Ham Badgers exclusive!

This innovative badge attachment is perfect for clubs and organizations who wish to identify a person's role, but don't want to buy more badges once new officers are elected.

The Ham Badge Buddy is a small badge that attaches to the bottom of your club badge with your role engraved on it. The Buddy attaches using double-sided adhesive tape (non-foam). For the year or so that you are the president, vice-president, treasurer, or other title, the Buddy sits on your club badge. Once you turn over the role to someone new, simply (and carefully) remove the Ham Badge Buddy and pass it along to the next person to attach to their club badge. Now your club badge still has your name and call sign on it, but you don't have to put it away because you're no longer a club officer.

Ham Badge Buddies come in two sizes, one that fits the Small and Medium badges made by The Ham Badgers, and another that fits the Large badge. Ham Badge Buddies come in the most common club titles, but can be customized for an additional charge. They are available in our more popular badge colors (black, white, blue, red, gold, and silver).

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Ham Badge Buddy (Small & Medium Badges)

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