ARRL Badge Policy

The ARRL asks authorized badge and name plate makers to adhere to specific color coordination for ARRL roles.

Official ARRL badges are available for the following positions within the ARRL: Division appointees, Section appointees, National Traffic System (NTS) Officials, QSL Bureau Managers/Workers, Technical Advisors, Registered Instructors, Volunteer Counsels, Volunteer Consulting Engineers, Volunteer Examiners, ARRL Monitoring System appointees, Awards Managers, DXCC Field Reps, and Life Members.

Visit the ARRL Badge page on their web site for detailed information and the badge approval form. You can upload your signed and completed badge form when you order your badge (an upload option is available as you add the item to your cart).

We have one option outside of the official ARRL badge policy, and that is the ARRL Member Badge. We do not make any other ARRL badges without proper approval.

Thank you for your understanding. Questions concerning the ARRL's policy on badges should be directed to the ARRL HQ or local ARRL leadership.